Vehicle Battery Service

January 31st, 2018 by


There are probably few things as frustrating as having a vehicle not want to start during cold weather. The battery is responsible for supplying electricity to a number of vehicle components that include the starter, the fuel system, headlights and other electronic devices. Regular maintenance ensures that your battery, posts and cables continue providing the best function possible. Batteries need replacing periodically. Resist the urge to wait until the last minute.

Along with having a battery at the end of its life cycle, other problems may include corroded battery posts. The build-up prevents an electrical charge from transferring from the battery. We can remove the corrosion and install preventative measures to keep the debris at bay. Over time, battery cables may have defective connectors or break somewhere along the cable. We can solve this problem quickly by installing new cables.

Bring your vehicle to Kiefer Mazda for any electrical problems you experience.

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