Stunning Technology Features in Mazda6

May 14th, 2018 by


The technology in the Mazda6 will help you be the most confident driver possible. Customize the features to meet your needs and experience the most exhilarating ride possible.

The Mazda6 includes apps that use hands free technology to help you stay connected with friends and family while on the road. The new dashboard also includes anti-glare technology to ensure that you can see it at all times. Deluxe cameras also allow you to view what’s behind and in front of you so you can maneuver through traffic and park with ease.

The new high beams also switch off when approaching oncoming traffic to ensure that you have the best visibility but don’t blind other drivers. For music lovers, the car even includes hi-tech speakers for the best sound possible.

Be sure to visit Kiefer Mazda in Eugene to test drive the Mazda6 and experience all of this technology for yourself.

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