Engine Overheating? Here’s What Could Be the Problem

April 30th, 2018 by

Engine Overheating

It’s never good to see your vehicle’s engine temperature gauge rise to the red zone or a cloud of steam billowing out from under its hood. Overheating can potentially destroy an engine or make costly repairs necessary, but ascertaining what is causing the problem can be difficult.

A car’s cooling system is complex and can fail in a number of ways. The coolant may be leaking excessively, which causes air to enter the system. The radiator may have become clogged enough to stop coolant from circulating. Another common cause is a faulty cooling fan.

Here at Kiefer Mazda, our experienced automotive technicians can diagnose any overheating problems your vehicle may be having and repair the faulty part causing them. Bring it down to our service center in Eugene, OR for an inspection or call to make an appointment today.

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