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General Manager

Fadi Habib
General Manager

I've been a part of the Kiefer Mazda family since February of 2008. I enjoy coming to work each day, because everyday is new. Whether it's getting someone in a unique credit situation approved, or simply helping you along the way in your car buying experience, I truly take pride in my abilities to provide the best experience for you or your family when it comes to purchasing your next vehicle.

I'm a golf lover. You can expect to find me on the green at least a few times a week. I'm also a photography and video hobbyist. On top of that, I'm a dad of two grown boys. The oldest, Ramzi, is our Web Administrator here at Kiefer Mazda. My second oldest, Stefan, is a Marine in the reserves.

Here's what people are saying about Fadi:

"During my visit I was also introduced to Fadi and [Mitch] they worked with me and helped find me the perfect Mazda3! I could not be happier with my car or my experience at Kiefer Mazda." - Brittany Milam

Very impressed with Kiefer Mazda in giving me fair value of my trade in and working hard to get me the 2014 Mazda 3 black hatchback with manual transmission with financing and the price I can afford! I highly recommend working with salesman Joe Garwood and floor manager Fadi Habib to get the best deal on a new Mazda. I love my car!" - Tara Plaunty



Derek Yeager
Sales Manager

Walter Cunningham
Sales Manager

Joseph Taylor
Sales Consultant

Zach Dube
Sales Consultant

Chloe Chitwood
Sales Consultant

Dylan Sahakian
Sales Consultant

Nathan Hook
Sales Consultant

Marty Rytlewski
Sales Consultant

Dylan Porter
Sales Consultant

Adam Guffie
Sales Consultant

Dustyn Kooken
Sales Consultant

Trevor Gargett
Sales Consultant

Michael Kvederis
Lot Attendant

Anthony Chapin
Lot Attendant

Cole Steele
Lot Attendant

Gregory Lopez
Lot Attendant

Bret Goodier
Lot Attendant



Brian Partch
Finance Manager

I've been a part of the Kiefer family for 10 years. I started as a sales consultant, and soon after moved into financing. I really enjoy working with new people everyday, and am motivated by helping them fit their new vehicle into their budget. Outside of work, I enjoy spending my days with my wife, Justine. We have two dogs, Boss, a lab, and Maverick, a boerboel. I enjoy the outdoors, along with camping, hunting and hiking.



Ron Steury
Service Manager

Ron Steury has been our dedicated service manager since 2007! For almost a decade, Ron has been able and ready to answer any service questions you might have. He was in the US Army for 6 years, and held the rank of Sergeant. Ron loves spending time in the great outdoors, whether that's hiking, camping, or fishing. Ron also enjoys pumping iron now and then. And of course, he's a family man, and cherishes his family. Ron has two dogs, Elsa and Mia.

Elton Watkins
Service Tech

Elton is a Senior Mazda Technician here, and has been part of the team since 2011. Behind the beard, Elton is a sensitive guy, who loves astrology and building ships in bottles. Outside of those two totally false interests, Elton enjoys brewing beer, hunting, and fishing. A man's man. He has two dogs at home, Buddy and Gracie, and two cats, Grayfur, and Orangeman. Meow.

Tyler Moreno
Service Advisor

Tyler has been a dedicated and highly-rated service advisor at Kiefer Mazda since 2010. He's a rough and tumble ball of thunder, and served in the Marines for three years, achieving the rank of E4. In his free time, Tyler enjoys everything outdoors. From camping, hunting, shooting, fishing, to playing some good old fashioned baseball.

Nick White
Service Advisor

Nick has been a part of the Kiefer team since 2014, and is always ready to answer your Mazda questions. Nick served four years in the US Army as an SPC Infantry man. In his free time, Nick enjoys dirt biking, barbequing, building things (you'll have to ask him what type), and camping. He also loves his pets, a dog, Iris, and three cats, Midnight, Ratchet, and Asia.

Scott King
Service Technician

Scott King is a man of few words. He enjoys the finer things in life, which I'll leave you to discover on your own. He's a man of mystery. A wandering vagabond, lost in the heart of the world. A man who will pierce your very soul with a simple look. Quite simply, Scott King is the coolest guy this side of the Mississippi. When he's not busy tinkering in Mazdas, Scott enjoys traveling. He's been a member of the Kiefer Mazda team since 1995! Scott also has a soft side, with two cats at home, Joey and Mr. Boots.

Jose Santamaria
Service Technician

Jose is in no simple terms a one-of-a-kind gentleman. John Kiefer trusts Jose's mechanical knowledge over almost anyone. He'll keep your car running as good as the day is came off the line, and he'll be all smiles while he does it (well, mostly). When he isn't working, Jose enjoys watching and playing soccer (fĂștbol), and watching football.

William Moody
Lube Technician

Savnnah Caballero
Service Express Advisor

Cavey Calhoun
Lube Technician

Bailey Nelson
Service Assistant

Jennifer Crus-Vargas
Service Advertisement Trainee

Nicholas Bowles
Lube Technician

Celestine Pendrey
Lube Techinician



Tommy Kephart
Parts Manager

Tommy has been a part of our team since 2005! In the past decade, Tommy has learned all there is to know about Mazda parts, and he's happy to answer any questions you might have about Mazda, parts, tires, and more. On his free time, he enjoys weight lifting, cooking, playing basketball, and of course spending time with his family.

John Baker
Parts Consultant

John is one of our dedicated parts consultants, and has been a part of the team since 2013. John is an avid Star Wars enthusiast, and desires a lifestyle similar to Jabba The Hutt. When he isn't masquerading as a parts consultant, he is impersonating Spiderman (he can be found between Olive and Willamette street downtown on weekends, fighting off evil doers). He also is an avid gamer, and considers himself "a professional" Call of Duty and Skyrim player. His two pets are imaginary Pokemon from the original 150, Charizard, a dragon, and a turtle, Blastoise.

Kyle Thomas
Parts Counter



Kayla Carter

Alexis Steury
Warranty Clerk

Alexis is our fantastic warranty clerk here in the service department. If you couldn't tell by her name, Ron our service manager is her dad (or so they say). She's been a part of the team since 2014, and enjoys singing, reading, hiking, fishing, and spending time with her dog Ruffy.